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Thank you all for visiting this Lahu Baptist Convention page. You can get the information about convention and activities also. You can read some books and annual magazines in Lahu which published from the convention. You can freely listen to the Lahu music and have a wonderful time by listening to the Lahu and Burmese Bible reading files. Moreover,  you can get some pages for those who want to study Lahu language. We try to give you the best information about the convention.


Caˬtoˇ leh Na haꞈ hui ve yehˬ yaˇ k'a yaˇ hui ha lehˬ puiˉ leh hawˍ daꞈ puiˉ- aˬ ceˇ. Yehˬ k'a hk'aw  loˍ ve , g'a cawˇ ve awˬ ceuˬ kaꞈ hk'a biˇ cawˬ chehˇ sheꞈ. k'awꞈ caˉ g'aw sheˍ.

Leave The Old Life and You May Have A New  Life

Hk’aˆ awˬ meh “ Gawˬ daꞈ hk'aˆ ” ceˇ. Yehˬ g’oꞈ ( 50 ) hk’e ceh cawˬ sheꞈ ve , mawˍ tawˍkaˇ yaˍ k’aw awˬ hawˉ awˬ na caw zuhˇ leh chehˇ taˍ ve hk’aˆ teˇ hk’aˆ yoˬ ceˇ. Hk'aˆ uˉ lo suhˆ tsuh nawˉ lehˬ fuiˍ teh taˍ ve pa taw  gawˬ daꞈ puiˉ- aˬ ceˇ. K'awꞈ caˉ g'aw sheˍ.

A Crowded and Joyful Lahu New Year Festival


             Mvuhˇ hpeuꞈ gaˬ la htaˇ , laˇ huˍ yaˇ hui hk’aˇ ciˇ pehˬ awˬ paˇ lo laˬ dawˬ naˍ uˉ te daꞈ ve duiˆ duiˆyoˬ.  k'awꞈ caˉ g'aw sheˍ.

Young People Come To See The New Light

Teˇ pawˆ htaˇ cuˇ yiˍ cawˬ ve , yaˇ htaꞈ maˍ puiˉ jaˇ ve Caˬ shawˉ meh ve  cawnˇ yehˬ saˍlaꞈ teˇ g’aˇ cawˬ ve ceˇ. K'awꞈ caˉ g'aw sheˍ.

A Lifetime Partner

Teˇ pawˆ htaˇ, suhˆ tsuh nawˉ lehˬ cawˬ ve , aˉ pawˇ cehˬ, vaˇcehˬkaꞈcawˬ ve , mvuhˇ haw kaꞈ hpuiˇ-ehˍ hk’aw tawˬ kuiˬ lo chehˇ ve  " Aˉ pawˇ de " hk'aˆ teˇ hk'aˆ cawˬ ve ceˇ.  K'awꞈ caˉ g'aw sheˍ. 

I Know How To Make A Living

Caˬnuˇ leh Na miˇ nyiˇ g'aˇ yaˇ nehˬ ve awˬ liˇ awˬ hk'aˇ cawˬ ve  hk'e teˇ g'aˇ leh teˇ g'aˇ haꞈ daꞈ jaˇ ceˇ.  K'awꞈ caˉ g'aw sheˍ. 

I Understand  Now

Teˇ pawˆ htaˇ,  awˬ chawˇ hpehꞈ daꞈ jaˇ ve Na meˬ , Na htiˇ , Caˬdaꞈ shehˉ g'aˇ cawˬ ve ceˇ. Yawˇ hui shehˆ g'aˇ lehˬ a shaꞈ i htaˇ kaꞈ tanˬ leh awˬ chawˇ hpehꞈ daꞈ jaˇ ve ceˇ. K'awꞈ caˉ g'aw sheˍ.  

You Need To Choose The Right Things

Teˇ pawˆ htaˇ , kanˉ te cheunˬ ve , awˬ liˇ awˬ hk'aˇ daꞈ ve , ti mi te ve ,  teˇ yehˬ teˇ k'a g'a caˇ tuˬ coˇ caˇ te chehˇ ve Caˬlaˇ teˇ yehˬ cawˬ ve ceˇ. K'awꞈ caˉ g'aw sheˍ. 

May You Become  A Hard Worker

Teˇ pawˆ htaˇ, hk’aw pui-ehˉ awˬ hk’oˆ lo
“ Hk’aˇcaˉde” meh ve hk’aˆ teˇ hk’aˆ cawˬ ve ceˇ.  Hk’aw pui hk’oˆ lo chehˇ ve pa taw mvuhˇ haw kaꞈ daꞈ jaˇ. Gawˬ kaꞈ gawˬ ve ceˇ.  K'awꞈ caˉ g'aw sheˍ. 

A Very Joyful Day

Hk’aw pui hk’oˆ lo cawˬ ve hk’aˆ hpehꞈ ve pa taw gawˬ daꞈ ve mvuhˇ haw ehˉ teˇ hpaˍ  hpuiˇ hpuiˇ meuˆ chehˇ leh chehˇ pi-awˍ jaˇ ve hk’aˆ ehˉ teˇ hk’aˆ hpehꞈ ve ceˇ.  K'awꞈ caˉ g'aw sheˍ.  

Let's Go for A Joyful Fishing In The Stream